Past Projects

Sprays and Atomization

  • High-Fidelity Design Tools and Technologies for High-Pressure Heavy Fuel Injectors, SBIR, 2017.


  • Computational Modeling of Coupled Acoustic and  Combustion Phenomena Inherent to Gas Turbine Engines,  SBIR, 2013-2017.
  • Low-Weight, High-Temperature Passive Damping System for Afterburners, SBIR, 2015.
  • thermoAcs: Flow-solver for the linearized Euler  equations to model, for example, thermoacoustic instabilities in  combustion systems.
  • CFDTAS:  Hybrid  flow-solver using both nonlinear and linear equations to model acoustics  in systems such as internal combustion engines.
  • E. Gonzalez-Juez.  Hybrid  computational-fluid-dynamics / thermoacoustic-solver approach to model  acoustics in combustion simulations.  Journal of Propulsion and Power,  2017. (Preprint.)
  • E. Gonzalez-Juez.  Modeling thermoacoustic rumble and screech in bluff-body-stabilized combustors.  AIAA Paper 2017-0780, 2017. (Link.)
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez, A. Jemcov. Finite-volume time-domain solver to estimate  combustion instabilities. Journal of Propulsion and Power, 2015. (Preprint.)
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez.  Numerical simulations of thermoacoustic combustion  instabilities in the Volvo combustor.  AIAA Paper 2017-4686,  2017. (Link.)
  • E. Gonzalez-Juez.  Numerical simulations of screech.  AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, 2015.  (Link.)
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez, J. Lee, and D. A. Santavicca. A Study of Combustion  Instabilities Driven by Flame-Vortex Interactions. AIAA Paper 2005-4330.
  • J.  Lee, E. Gonzalez, and D. A. Santavicca. On the Applicability of  Chemiluminescence to the Estimation of Unsteady Heat-Release During  Unstable Combustion in Lean Premixed Combustor. AIAA Paper 2005-3575.

Turbulent Combustion

  • Physical Sub-Model Development for Turbulence Combustion Closure, Phase-1 and Phase-2 STTR, 2014-2017.
  • chalmersLemles:  Turbulent-combustion model using the linear-eddy model applicable to large-scale industrial systems.
  • reactingCentral:  Reacting flow-solver based on rhoCentralFoam, including anti-diffusion terms.
  • laminarReacting:  Reacting-flow solver with complex molecular transport.
  • S. Arshad, E. Gonzalez-Juez, A. Dasgupta, M. Oevermann, S. Menon.  Subgrid Reaction-Diffusion Closure for Large Eddy Simulations Using the Linear-Eddy Model.  Flow, turbulence and combustion, 2019. (Link)
  • A. Dasgupta, E. Gonzalez-Juez, D. Haworth.  Flame simulations with an open-source code.  Computer Physics Communications, 2018. (Link)
  • E. Gonzalez-Juez, A. Dasgupta, S. Arshad, M.  Oevermann, S. Menon.  Turbulent-combustion closure for the chemical  source terms using the linear-eddy model. AIAA Joint Propulsion  Conference, 2017. (Link)
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez, A. Dasgupta, S. Arshad, M. Oevermann, D. Lignell.   Effect of the turbulence modeling in large-eddy simulations of  nonpremixed flames undergoing extinction and reignition.  AIAA SciTech,  2017. (Link)
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez, A. Kerstein, S. Menon, R. Ranjan.  Advances and  Challenges in Modeling High-Speed Turbulent Combustion in Propulsion  Systems.  Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 2017. (Preprint).

Chemical Kinetics

  • P. Gokulakrishnan, C. Fuller, R. Joklik, E.  Gonzalez-Juez, A. Trettel, M. Klassen. Optimization of Reduced Kinetics  Models for Reactive Flow Simulations.  Journal of Engineering for Gas  Turbines and Power, 2013.

Environmental Flows

  • T. Tokyay, G. Constantinescu, E.  Gonzalez-Juez, and E. Meiburg.  Gravity currents propagating over  periodic arrays of blunt obstacles: effect of the obstacle size.   Journal of Fluids and Structures, 2011.
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez, E. Meiburg, T. Tokyay, and G. Constantinescu.  Gravity  current flow past a circular cylinder:  Forces, wall shear stresses and  implications for scour.  Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2010. (Preprint)
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez, E. Meiburg, and G. Constantinescu.  The Interaction of a  Gravity Current with a Circular Cylinder Mounted Above a Wall:  Effect  of the Gap Size.  Journal of Fluids and Structures, 2009.
  • E.  Gonzalez-Juez, E. Meiburg, and G. Constantinescu.  Gravity currents  impinging on bottom-mounted square cylinders: Flow fields and associated  forces.  Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2009. (Preprint)